Make you smile

This is a video I did for a campaign we did “Make you smile” for a new app

40 seconds

Who said Germans don´t have a sense of humour or the balls to make bold ads!? Once in a while a video comes along that makes you watch it over and over again. You´re not watching it but you think about it and start laughing, in the middle of a packed underground train. A moment where you most probably will

Humans Of New York

Brandon Stanton, a New York based photographer, started off his Humans Of New York project with one simple

Come…but not as you are

To gain beautiful or valuable memories you should be surprised or bewildered once in a while. Sometimes things


Getting lost

On a warm and hectic afternoon in Brussels, as a thank you gift after a presentation, I got

Stainless: An endless row of living sculptures

One of my colleagues at Wacom made me aware of this video of photographer Adam Magyar. Stainless is

Symmetry, a sketched video

This is one of the great videos of the Everynones, Daniel Mercadante and Katina Hubbard, also known as The Mercadentes. No impressive sets, actors or effects that needed days or weeks of rendering. Shooting your scenes or using images and videos you stumble upon you think fit your story. The Mercadentes show it´s the simple

Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry. Jack Kerouac