40 seconds

Who said Germans don´t have a sense of humour or the balls to make bold ads!? Once in a while a video comes along that makes you watch it over and over again. You´re not watching it but you think about it and start laughing, in the middle of a packed underground train. A moment where you most probably will be labelled as insane by fellow travellers. This is one of those videos. Good videos come with great ideas. This campaign, their message…it´s one hell of a great idea. It makes the brand bold, young, cool and it tells you exactly why Deezer is for you. Even if you´re not a Deezer fan, we should at least thank them for these 40 seconds of hilarious entertainment.

Come…but not as you are

To gain beautiful or valuable memories you should be surprised or bewildered once in a while. Sometimes things should not come the way you think they are or expect them to be. Seeing Flying Lotus at the Lowlands festival in 2010 was one of those moments. I remember the first 10 minutes, they were awkward, strange…I actually briefly considered going. I didn´t, I stayed and I was amazed the rest of his performance. Nothing came as expected. 5 months later me and my wife traveled through New-Zealand for about three weeks. NZ is one of the most fascinating countries you can travel to, but I never imagined these two Islands surprising me over and over again…every single second of our road trip. The smell, the nature, the solitude, the light, the nights…it just never stopped. The Bow, a conceptual visual artist from NZ, produced this great video Phantasm for the Flying Lotus track “Phantasm” (Until the quiet comes). It was filmed on Desert Rd., the north Island of New-Zealand. This video captures all of that. It´s peculiar, kind of strange…just beautiful.

The best press conference ever

To me Tom Waits is not just one of the greatest artists ever lived, he also is a master agitator, an actor, a lovely mad man and somebody who understands that all we see is mostly theater.

“I think all songs should have weather in them. Names of towns and streets, and they should have a couple of sailors. I think those are just song prerequisites”

Tom Waits