Monthly Archives: June 2014

Humans Of New York

Brandon Stanton, a New York based photographer, started off his Humans Of New York project with one simple goal; Photograph 10.000 New Yorkers and create an immense catalogue of portraits. It turned out to be something way more than that. Along the way he started collecting their stories and quotes. He included these alongside the photographs and HONY, as he calls his project, got this extra dimension. Wow, I just love it. It has this spark and it doesn´t discriminate. This project is a cool breeze in a world where human interactions are not always fed by this honest curiosity. It´s almost a comforting thing to see that somebody like Brandon Stanton makes us not to forget that every living soul on this planet has a face and a story.

“eight million people in this city, and nobody’s ever asked about their life”
Brandon Stanton